Our Boat

THE BOAT - "Gigetta"

Named after my Mother (it was her nickname and means little Luigia) Gigetta is 10.3 meters long by 3.4 meters wide and of aluminum construction. She has viewing windows on all sides, which open vertically, so that you can all feel a part of the magnificent surroundings. Viewing windows are installed in the roof so that you can view the overhanging canopy. The windows allow the winter sun to warm you and the summer breeze to cool you. On board up to 31 people will be accommodated in comfortable seating and catered for using a compact galley to provide hot and cold drinks. We have lighting throughout including external lights for evening cruises. “Gigetta” is powered by twin 60 hp 4 stroke outboard engines, so as to keep noise and water pollution to a minimum and she is wheel chair accessible.